About Us

Dunbar Community Counseling Services was founded by a group of individuals dedicated to the full integration of holistic care, which includes understanding community ecology and social advocacy for urban children and families in Philadelphia. Dunbar Community Counseling Services is led by Dr. Reginald Banks, President and CEO, and Mrs. Yolanda Banks, COO/CFO.

Dr. Banks is a graduate of the Counseling Psychology Program at Temple University. His clinical expertise spans several years with an emphasis on social skills and behavioral modification training, school and community based program development, and the exploration of ecological factors that impact treatment outcomes with Urban Children and Families.

Vision Statement

Dunbar Community Counseling Services model is designed to enhance one’s existing strengths while guiding them towards a holistic life potential.

Mission Statement

Dunbar Community Counseling Services promotes quality therapeutic services that are resiliency focused, trauma informed and culturally sensitive to the unique needs of urban children and families.