Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)

Dunbar Community Counseling Services is currently seeking qualified individuals for the position of Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS). The TSS is assigned to work with the child, family, and/or other responsible adults in the child’s life. The TSS is ultimately responsible for assisting and supporting the child with treatment and behavior plan in the home, school, and community. Overall, the TSS will demonstrate to the family and other professionals how to use the recommendations in the treatment plan. The TSS will be responsible for documenting each session in a progress note which is to be submitted every Monday by 6PM.

Additional duties of a TSS include:

  • - Utilizing interventions clearly outlined in the treatment plan
  • - Providing direct one-on-one intervention to help the child meet their treatment goals
  • - Assisting the child with complying with rules and expectations
  • - Assisting and supporting parents, teachers, and other adults in their efforts in providing therapeutic structure and limits for the child
  • - Assisting and supporting the child in the community
  • - Assisting the child with identifying alternative activities to redirect challenging behaviors
  • - Assist the child with promoting positive relationships with adults and peers


  • __Degree
  • __Transcript
  • __Driver License
  • __SS Card
  • __Reference Letters (2)
  • __Criminal Clearance
  • __Child Abuse Clearance
  • __FBI Clearance
  • __First Aid
  • __CPR
  • __CBH Require Training (provided by agency)
  • __Resume
  • __Application
  • __Job Description Acknowledgement
  • __Orientation acknowledgement
  • __Contract
  • __I9 Form
  • __Education/Employment Verification


Qualification for the TSS position requires a Bachelor’s Degree or 60 credits in one of the human services field and at least one to two years experience working with children

The TSS is required to attend weekly supervisions and attend mandated trainings

Must be CPR/First Aid certified (or willing to be obtain such certifications)

Must have a valid and up-to-date FBI Clearance, Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse Clearance & academic transcript

Must submit 2 letters of recommendation on an official letterhead, including the date and all appropriate signatures

**The prospective candidate must be able to attend orientation, which is held on Monday or Tuesday from 11a-2p. You must have all current and appropriate credentials submitted prior to orientation to be eligible to attend.

Dunbar Community Counseling Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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